Continuing Professional Education

From December 19 – 21 2022, need-based workshops were held for teachers across the school on a range of topics.

Teachers of Years 1 – 3 attended a workshop on Creative Writing led by Sarah Ladhani.

Teachers of Years 4 and 5 attended two workshops: Creative Writing led by Saima Shiraz and Vocabulary Matters led by Nimra Nasir.

Teachers of Years 6 and 7 also attended two workshops: Understanding STEM & STEAM led by Sana Fahad and Vocabulary Matters led by Bushra Nasir and Hina Khurram.

Teachers of Years 8 -10 attended a workshop on Emotional Control & Regulation led by Mahenaz Mahmud.

Feedback revealed that most teachers found these sessions to be valuable eye-opening experiences that gave them fresh insights to further hone their craft.