School Clubs

Learning in our school takes place in a range of diverse settings and Our Clubs are very much part of our holistic curriculum. We take great pride in the diverse selection of clubs we offer to our students of Years 1-8. There are specific Club Days when children gather together in multi-age groups and learn from their teachers and from each other.

Our clubs are tailored to cater to the unique interests children have. Whether the child is a budding artist, a curious scientist, a future engineer or an avid reader, there’s something for everyone. Each club is thoughtfully designed to foster curiosity, enthusiasm, attention to detail and a lifelong love for learning.

We offer a variety of Clubs, such as: Clay & Pottery, Robotics, Music (Playing instruments), Theatre, Yoga, Scrabble, Sports (Throwball, Basketball & Futsal) Gardening, Survival Skills (Real life skills), STEAM, Taekwondo and Skating.

We review the programming of our clubs on a regular basis to ensure they align with the evolving interests of our children and the demands of the contemporary world.

Parents are informed about the clubs through a detailed circular issued at the beginning of the academic year in August. We encourage parents to engage in discussions with their daughters to help them select their top four club preferences. This collaborative exercise fosters communication, logical reasoning, mutual agreement and respect between parents and children.

Joining a club at the PECHS Girls’ School offers more than just an avenue to pursue personal interests. It provides children with invaluable opportunities to develop essential life skills, build lasting friendships, and enrich their overall school experience. It’s an opportunity for children to embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth and collective impact.