Our Facilities

Faiz Library & Kutub Khana

At the PECHS Girls’ School, we want to make sure that your daughter has an educational environment that will maximize her learning potential. We look forward to helping her become an enthusiastic reader, critical thinker, skilful researcher and an ethical user of information. The Faiz Library is our main Library located near the entrance. It is used by Years 3 – 10 and by our faculty.

It was established a few years after the school was founded in 1955, and named after Faiz Ahmad Faiz who was a good friend of our founder and a frequent visitor to the school. It houses over 22 thousand books on a wide range of topics.

Kutub Khana: The Kutub Khana is a section of the Faiz Library which was moved to the first floor in 2022 to give our young pupils of Years 1 and 2 a more child-friendly library environment, easy library access and to save time going downstairs during their library period.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

The PECHS Girls’ School Campus has two Multi-Purpose-Rooms commonly referred to as MPR 1 and MPR 2. MPR 1 is located in the main building while MPR 2 is located in our new wing called the Nageen Malik Wing (NMW). 

Both rooms are large and well ventilated with plenty of space for a multitude of activities, such as, Taekwondo, Art Exhibitions, Theatre Performances, Yoga, Staff Meetings, Professional Development Workshops and Zoom Meetups, certainly living up to their name – Multi-Purpose- Room! Fitted with projectors, TV screens, computers and speakers, often times our teachers utilize the space for audio-visual lesson plans for our students. As they are both popular venues, we have a first-come-first serve sign-up policy for the rooms to ensure everyone gets a fair opportunity to use the space!

The Quadrangle

Our School Campus has a unique design element to it as it is built around a large central courtyard called the Quadrangle, with an attached garden space and play area. All the classrooms on the ground and first floors open out into corridors leading to the Quadrangle. During events like tug-of-war or performances by students, you will find the first floor corridors lined with eager pupils peering down into the Quad, and bustling ground floor corridors with students rushing to view and enjoy the fun and cheering on their fellow students from their respective houses.

The Quadrangle is used for a multitude of purposes ranging from regular PE to sports such as, basketball, soccer, skating, throwball, volleyball, and badminton as well as Sports Day practice. Events like the Annual Prize Distribution, Milad, Annual Year 10 Farewell Party, Milad, Daily Assembly and home-time assembly take place in the Quad. The Quadrangle is where it’s at on a daily basis, and in some ways it is the heart of the PECHS Girls’ School!

Science Labs

In the summer of 2023 we did a bit of research, hired the services of a professional architect and designer and refurbished both our Science Labs. The labs are spacious, well-lit, and well-ventilated, ensuring the safety and comfort of the students and staff. They are also equipped with CCTV Cameras. In August 2023, we opened the doors for students and teachers to the totally new, efficient, high quality Labs, equipped with modern and advanced devices, tools, and materials that enhance the student’s practical skills and knowledge in science and technology. 

These Labs are for students of Years 4 to 10 to conduct hands-on experiments which are a part of our curriculum. They meet the criteria and standards set by the AKU-EB for Board Exams.

Computer Labs

Our Campus is equipped with two Computer Labs, referred to as the Primary Computer Lab and the Secondary Computer Lab. The Primary Computer Lab is situated in the main building, while the Secondary Computer Lab is located in the Nageen Malik Wing (NMW).

The Primary Computer Lab caters to students from Years 1 to 5. From introductory coding exercises to multimedia presentations and robotics projects, students have the opportunity to explore and experiment in a supportive environment.

In the Secondary Computer Lab, which serves students from Years 6 to 10, students tackle complex programming challenges, delve into digital design, and engage in hands-on projects that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The Secondary Computer Lab empowers students to become confident creators and innovators in the digital age.

Sadequain Studio & Naqsh Art Studio

Two large well-lit, airy, cheerful studios are dedicated to art classes. The Sadequain Studio was named to honour one of Pakistan’s most prolific artists, an acquaintance of our founder who actually painted at and created murals for our school. These have now been donated to the Mohatta Palace Museum. The Sadequain Studio is for our pupils from Years 1-5. 

The Naqsh Art Studio in the Nageen Malik Wing, was named to honour Jamil Naqsh, Pakistan’s distinguished modern master and his daughter Mona Naqsh, an artist in her own right and an alumnus of our school. Naqsh also means the art of painting and decorating.  The Naqsh Art Studio is used by our  middle and senior school art classes, and is a much loved indoor/outdoor space!

Reusing and recycling play a huge part our ethos, and is reflected in our studios. The furniture, work space, and displays consist of refurbished recycled materials and items, creating a unique and exciting atmosphere for all of our students, as they see useable, tangible examples of colour, creativity and art extending to every aspect of daily life!

Expressing thoughts and emotions while exploring a variety of materials keep both studios buzzing with creative energy and excitement! Drawing, painting, paper-maché, mural making, collage work, stitching, origami, individual work on easels, large and small group projects are all part of our regular classes. The Pottery & Clay Club is conducted in our studio with tools and pottery wheels.

SfL Unit

The Support for Learning (SfL) Unit aims to ensure that our school is a Safe Space for children and staff to learn and develop in every way possible to their full potential: emotionally, physically, socially and academically. It comprises of the following Support Systems: Support for Academic Learning, Support for Health & Social-Emotional Well-being and Support for Safety & Positive Behaviour. The SfL Unit is situated in the Nageen Malik Wing. The following spaces are part of our SfL Unit:

Nurture Room

The Nurture Room aims to provide a non-judgemental multi-age working environment for peer-to-peer learning supervised by adults and for conversations, counselling and learning. We intend to provide a safe space for self-expression and learning for children who find their classrooms academically or emotionally challenging.


In the course of a normal school day, it is commonplace for children to get bumps and bruises in the classroom or in the playground and occasionally get sick too. Our Sickbay is

managed by a qualified School Nurse and is equipped with beds, a wheel chair and necessary First Aid materials. 

Day Care Centre

We have a Day Care Centre for staff members who have no one to look after their little ones during work hours. Teachers, Heads and Admin staff can avail this facility.

We have a full time caregiver and two maids who look after the needs of the children. It is a safe, clean space equipped with spaces for napping/sleeping, diaper changing, eating and playing according to a child-friendly routine. Toys and equipment are cleaned on a regular basis. Children are never left unattended. We have certain expectations from mothers who wish to avail this facility. This is a free of cost facility.