Our mission is to develop a learning community that fosters humanity, empathy, moral depth, cultural understanding and critical thinking. We endeavour to do this by creating a safe, caring, vibrant and orderly environment of mutual respect, which is conducive to emotional and mental wellbeing.

We are looking for teachers to take our vision forward. Someone who cares deeply about children and understands how important the school years are in the development of who that child will become … a future citizen for sure, a mother, a politician, a business leader, a member of parliament, the list is endless. You can help shape that future by influencing the way the parents, you and other teachers work with and nurture individuals when they are at their most impressionable age. Many of us are victims of a ‘broken’ education system and want to do something about it … this is your opportunity to make a difference.

Please click here and here before you go any further. If what you read appeals to and you have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, then please apply.

Please Note

We are looking for qualified, experienced teachers. However, we also hire enthusiastic individuals with a commitment to teaching and learning. We train and educate all our teachers through our continuing professional development programme for in-service teachers.

 All suitable applications are filed for a year for immediate consideration whenever a vacancy arises.