A Note to Parents

Salaams Parents!

This Parents’ Handbook contains the Rules and Regulations that are in effect at the PECHS Girls’ School.

Please remember, Rules and Regulations are very important to help make School a safe and pleasant place for your children to learn, and an efficient and effective place for teachers to teach. This Parents’ Handbook is specifically designed to help you become familiar with our school rules and routines. Do read all the sections of this handbook and share them in a positive constructive manner with your daughter too.

If you have a question, please refer to this handbook first and of course we are available to answer queries if your questions are not included here.

Thank you for helping us to acquaint your child with our school rules and regulations. Have a great school year!

Our Expectations

Please set reasonable routines for your child and ensure supportive discipline for good health, happiness, academic achievement and success throughout the school years.

All students should:

  • Eat their meals and sleep on time. These are essential for healthy bodies and minds. Please ensure these happen in a timely manner, so that your children are mentally and physically ready to learn.
  • Be given the time and space for recreational activities and be able to spend quality time with their parents
  • Demonstrate behaviour that is safe and non-threatening in school
  • Address everyone with respect
  • Respect the rights of all other students and all staff members, regardless of race, colour, creed or ethnicity
  • Take responsibility for their own behaviour and learning
  • Use time and resources responsibly and wisely
  • Share responsibilities when working as members of a group
  • Meet the requirements of each class
  • Monitor their own progress
  • Share ideas and concerns with their parents/guardians and teachers / HM /counsellor