Art & Art Appreciation

Art is a non-verbal means of communicating a variety of ideas, thoughts, experiences, opinions, feelings, current events, beliefs, cultures, history and current affairs. An integral

part of our art curriculum is about giving our students the space to observe, think, feel and interpret what is being taught. 

Interpreting any kind of art is beneficial in creating a deeper understanding and empathy for our rich, complex and varied eco-system and improving our connection to humanity. Art is all around us, everywhere, in various forms and places. It is in nature, architecture, fashion, the design of everyday objects and in media and so much more, as our human need is always to connect and communicate. We draw our students’ attention to all these aspects.

The interpretation of art can deepen our ability to ‘listen’ to the world around us.  Not only does it impact how we listen to others, but how we think and communicate with those around us. Learning about communicating and expressing opinions about artwork created by others in a thoughtful, respectful, mature, and kind manner is an essential cornerstone for the tolerance and harmony of our future generations.

Our perceptions, observational skills and the ability to think out of the box are developed and enhanced through art classes. It is important for emotional, social, and cognitive development. We do this in multiple ways. By engaging children in thematic art projects based on social themes, fun themes, art field trips, visits from artists, critiquing art in the classroom, creating aesthetically pleasing, meaningful display boards, murals and installations around the school, keeping relevant books in the Art Studios.

By incorporating Art Appreciation in school, we hope to shape and direct our young minds to mature, be positive, tolerant, respectful and confident. We also aim to help them develop rational opinions to enable them to effectively voice their opinions, engage in public spaces and communicate respectfully with others in the hope of creating a more thoughtful, kind, peaceful and purposeful society.