School Assembly

Each school day begins with Assembly in the Quadrangle. It brings children and teachers together in one place to foster a sense of inclusiveness and unity within the school community. It helps everyone learn how to behave respectfully in large groups and gatherings and how to respect and appreciate what others do for us.

Assembly days are divided between the Primary and Secondary sections. On Mondays and Wednesdays, secondary students gather together and present during assembly, while on Tuesdays and Thursdays, primary pupils have their turn. On Fridays, the entire school, Years 1-10 come together, and our primary and secondary choirs take turns to present every alternative week.

On days when primary or secondary sections are not present at assemblies in the Quadrangle, they have in-class assemblies with a similar format.

The assembly follows a structured format. It begins with the recitation of a Quranic verse, followed by the presentation of an English or Urdu song or poem or the National or School Anthem. The practice of these songs, poems, and anthems is led by different Year Groups and our music teachers. Assembly concludes with a few physical exercises, thereby setting an energised tone for the day ahead. We also use this time to celebrate the achievements of our students who have represented us at various organisations or Inter-school events. 

Overall, Assembly-Time plays a vital role in nurturing a positive school culture and helps foster a sense of belonging. The structured format also helps to create a sense of order and predictability for our children, contributing to a constructive learning environment.