Career Quest

Career Quest is dedicated to fostering student success in both academics and future career choices. Each year, we organize Career Quest events for students of Years 8 and 10, aiming to equip them with the understanding they require for effective career planning, by connecting them with professionals from various fields.

For Year 8 students, our sessions focus on aiding their decision-making process between Arts and Science faculties for Year 9. Many students face pressure to choose Science without genuine interest, potentially leading to dissatisfaction or unemployment later on. To prevent this, Career Quest provides insights and discussions with professionals to support informed decision-making.

Year 10 sessions concentrate on career exploration, addressing key questions including relevant subjects for chosen professions, the benefits of internships, the scope and market value of specific careers, and potential challenges in those professions.

We have welcomed speakers from diverse fields such as Clinical Psychology, Communication Graphics, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Film Making, Journalism, Midwifery, Mixed Media Art, Architecture, Law, Textile Design, Business Development, and Robotics. They have generously shared their experiences and insights with our students through interactive sessions.

Career Quest offers valuable opportunities for students to explore different professions and receive guidance on subjects required, internship benefits, market demand, employment options, and potential challenges. Students leave with a better understanding of necessary skills, career challenges, and the importance of pursuing their interests.