Behaviour Guidance Policy

At the PECHS Girls’ School, our Behaviour Guidance Policy (BGP) is instrumental in fulfilling our school’s mission. This policy extends to all stakeholders, including staff members, students, and parents. We firmly believe that fostering a positive and respectful environment is key to academic success and personal growth.

As parents, your partnership is invaluable. We invite you to engage with our BGP by:

– Understanding the Policy: Familiarize yourself with our BGP to better support your child’s learning journey

– Defining Standards: Work with us to set and reinforce standards of acceptable behaviour at home, aligning them with our school values

– Communicating Openly: Participate in Orientation Meetings and Parent-Teacher Meetings to discuss aspects of the policy, share your opinions, and gain insights into your child’s experience

Supporting Your Child’s Development

Our BGP is rooted in research on student motivation. Internal drivers such as affiliation, agency, and autonomy, along with external drivers like engagement and feedback, form the foundation of our approach. We encourage you to explore these elements with your child, helping them develop self-confidence and a sense of belonging.

Behaviour Guidance & Behaviour Contracts

For students in Years 6-10, a Behaviour Contract serves as a tool for discussion and reinforcement. It outlines expectations and responsibilities, promoting a sense of accountability and pride in one’s conduct. This contract is renewed annually, offering a consistent framework for behaviour.

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

While challenging behaviour is a part of growing up, we approach it with a focus on improvement. Our school employs a series of measures, from non-verbal cues to private discussions to guide students toward responsible behaviour. We believe in positive guidance and collaboration with parents to address challenges.

Ensuring a Safe and Inclusive Environment

At PECHS Girls’ School, we are dedicated to providing a secure and inclusive environment. We strictly prohibit physical punishment, emotional or psychological punishment, and any form of discrimination. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where students feel respected, supported, and motivated to excel.

Parent’s Role in Serious Incidents

In rare cases of serious incidents, we keep parents informed. Whether it’s continuous acts of misbehaviour or more severe cases, your involvement is crucial. We adhere to a fair and compassionate approach, with the best interest of the child at the forefront.

As partners in your child’s educational journey, we appreciate your collaboration in maintaining high standards of behaviour. Together, we contribute to a positive and enriching experience at PECHS Girls’ School.