Sports and Physical Education

Physical Education and sports are absolutely integral to the holistic development of our children. Our programme is designed to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and healthy lifestyles, while also instilling values such as discipline, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

Diverse Activities: We offer a wide range of sports and physical activities, including team sports like throwball, basketball, futsal, and volleyball, as well as individual pursuits such as track and field. This variety ensures that every student can find an activity they enjoy and can excel in.

Qualified Teachers: Our experienced and dedicated PE teachers provide personalized instruction and support, helping students to develop their skills, understand game strategies, and achieve their personal best.

Health and Wellness Education: Beyond physical training, our school curriculum includes education on nutrition and the importance of a balanced lifestyle, thereby empowering students to make informed decisions about their well-being. Students are also assessed for fitness and sports related skills.

Competitive and Recreational Opportunities: We offer both competitive and recreational opportunities. Teams participate in Intra and Inter-school tournaments and recreational clubs, such as: yoga, skates, taekwondo, and team sports for students who prefer a less competitive environment. This dual approach ensures inclusivity and encourages lifelong participation in physical activities.

Building Community and Sporting Spirit: Through sports, our students learn the importance of collaboration, respect, and leadership. These learning experiences build a strong sense of community and school spirit.

At PECHS Girls’ School, we are committed to fostering a love for physical activity and sports that will benefit our students throughout their lives. We celebrate the spirit of athleticism and the joy of staying active!