Online Classes & Self-Study

To stay in touch with virtual learning, we have built in four stay-at-home-study days in the academic year, two in each term.

What will the routine be on these stay-at-home-study days?

– From 8.00 – 10.00am classes will be held on Google Classroom/Google Meet

– From 11.00am – 1.30pm children will engage in Self-Study

– For years 1-3, self-study tasks will be given for core subjects only: English, Urdu and Maths

– For Years 4-10, the regular timetable for the day will be followed to ensure that no classes are missed

What does self-study mean?

In keeping with our goals for our children, self-study is one of the ways in which we can develop a sense of responsibility, independence and confidence in our children. To reiterate, the online/self-study days will contribute to our objectives in the following ways:

– We will all remain proficient in the use of Google Classroom /Google Meet

– Self-study will give our children the opportunity to learn the skills of self-management, organisation and time-management

– This will help them become self-reliant, independent and confident in their own abilities

Teachers will assign tasks following the subjects in the timetable for that day and children will complete those tasks independently. Needless to say, the tasks will be based on a concept that has already been introduced in class. It will be designed to fall within the range of the children’s ability and capacity. Please give your children the space to manage their time and do their work independently. They will not be graded on this work.

Mark your Calendars

We know that some of you live in nuclear families and both parents go to work each day. We are informing you way ahead of time so that you can request an adult to be in your home on the days given below. It could be a grandparent, aunt or trusted neighbour or friend, who could keep an eye on your children. However, if for any unforeseen circumstances, school has to close on any of these dates, we will keep you informed.

1. Thursday, October 03, 2024

2. Wednesday, November 06, 2024

3. Tuesday, February 18, 2025

4. Thursday, March 20, 2025

What will the teachers be doing on those days?

– Those who have subject periods will be teaching your children online

– Those who have “free periods” will be doing their work such as, notebook corrections and planning lessons, just like they do in school

– All the teachers will come to school after 11.00 and be engaged in Professional Development workshops

Important points for you to remember for online and self-study learning days

1. Google Classroom will be used to share the Google Meet link and the Self Study Plans.

2. Your child’s Year Group Teacher will upload the Google Meet link for online classes two days before the day for Online Classes, so that you can log in and ensure it is working.

3. The Self-Study Plans will be uploaded a day before.

4. Your children will bring the required notebooks/workbooks home the previous day and bring their work back the following day for their teachers to correct.

5. Your daughter must use the ID provided by school to log in to Google Classroom/Meet. Failure to do so will result in her inability to attend online classes.

6. Refer to the guidelines shared with you for using Google Classroom/Meet, as they contain detailed instructions.