Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Our PTM system is designed to foster effective communication and collaboration between parents, teachers and students. We understand the crucial role that parental involvement plays in a child’s academic journey and our platform aims to facilitate meaningful interactions that support student success.

We have two formal PTMs in an academic year, one in the first term and the other in the second term. These PTMs are held somewhere in the middle of the term, so that parents are aware of how their children are progressing well before assessments/exams are due, when there is still enough time to provide that bit of extra support at home, if required. Our system ensures that all parents get a fair chance to meet teachers by scheduling individual slots for parents. Other than these two PTMs, parents can easily schedule appointments with teachers to discuss their child’s progress, address concerns and set learning goals.

At PTMs teachers provide insights into a student’s academic performance, behaviour, and overall development. By encouraging open communication, teachers in discussion with parents cater to each student’s unique needs.

Students from Year 4 onwards are encouraged to play an active role during PTMs, by accompanying their parents and participating in discussions about their own progress, learning experiences and goals. By involving students in these conversations, we empower them to take ownership of their education and strive for excellence.

Our PTMs strive to be a supportive learning experience where parents, teachers, and students can work together to ensure all the children reach their full potential.