Classical Music

From its inception classical music has been an integral part of the curriculum at the PECHS Girls’ School. Our founder recognised the value of learning classical music which helps to fortify the vocal cords, teach breath control and strengthen lung muscles. Training in classical music teaches us how to sing long passages in a single breath and it also teaches us Tempo (alap, jor), Sargam and Pitch Perfection. Classical music is important to how we experience the world and observe the wonders of order and beauty.

We have seen that listening to classical music can also improve mood and overall well-being. Exposing children to classical music at an early age has emotional benefits as well. Listening to classical music can help reduce stress and anxiety and promote feelings of calm and relaxation.

Music classes are built into our timetable for Years 1 to 10. Our music curriculum is diverse, covering a wide range of classical genres and instruments, like tabla, sarangi and harmonium. We have talented music teachers as part of our faculty; a tabla player and a famous sarangi player whose father also used to be a part of our faculty.

We have junior and senior choirs where students learn to sing and collaborate as a team. These choirs offer a platform for students to further develop their vocal skills and perform together.

In addition to Classical Music which is compulsory, students have the opportunity to explore different musical styles and instruments, like drums and guitar, under expert guidance in the Music Club, which is optional.