Educational Field Trips

An exciting out-of-school visit/field trip is an invaluable experience for all children. The exposure sparks new thoughts and ideas, raises questions, stimulates engaging conversations, and leads to gaining new understanding and knowledge by helping them to connect the dots between textbook and real-world learning. It gives children a sense of perspective and confidence, builds community spirit and ownership of our city. And of course it is a lot of fun!

We have a carefully crafted Field Trip Plan for the 10 years that a child spends in our school. We aim to give them exposure to a wide range of public spaces on topics that relate to our curriculum. For example: exploration of Nature, Natural Resources and Biodiversity. Museums. Cinema and Art Galleries. Historical Places and Landmarks. Factories. Community Services.

Before and after a Field Trip, teachers and students discuss the place they are going to, what they can expect to see and how to observe and listen and analyse what they see. They also talk about how to behave in the bus, discipline and respect at the venue and how to take any notes that may be required. We believe it is essential that our students experience new ideas, different people, and cultures along with nurturing their knowledge and confidence in the etiquette of trips to art galleries, museums, factories, science centres and other public forums for discourse, discussion and hands-on learning.

Positive interactions with professionals, public spaces and artefacts is an integral part of learning to foster tolerance, respect, and value for all living and non-living things.  

Our hope is that the students from the PECHS Girls School will embrace the richness of our heritage and be leaders in their chosen fields.