Parents’ Expected Code of Conduct

At the PECHS Girls’ School, we are proud to practice the school mantra of being safe, neat and kind. We are sure you recognize that educating children is a process that involves a partnership between you and us. We strive to have a positive attitude with all our stakeholders and expect high standards when it comes to behaviour. We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviours on the school premises and any other communication.

Our expectations from Parents, Guardians, Caregivers and Visitors

1. Respect the caring ethos of our school.

2. Be an example and behave in a respectful manner towards the children and staff.

3. Support the school in all disciplinary actions.

4. Treat all members of the school community with respect at all times

5. Correct your own daughter’s behaviour so that it will not lead to aggressive/unsafe behaviour or conflict.

6. Approach the school to help resolve any issues of concern through the correct channels.

7. Seek to clarify your daughter’s version of events with the school’s view, in order to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue.

Behaviour that is Unacceptable on School Premises

1. Showing disruptive behaviour, which interferes or threatens to interfere with the Management Staff, Administration Staff, Reception Area, Classroom, or any other area on the school premises.

2. Using loud, offensive, disrespectful language or displaying temper.

3. Damaging or destroying school property.

4. Sending abusive or threatening applications, e-mails or text/phone messages or other written communication. Insulting, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the school or any of the students/parent/staff, at the school on Facebook or other social media sites.

5. Displaying any form of physical aggression towards another adult or child. This includes physical punishment against your own daughter/s on school premises.

6. Approaching someone else’s daughter in order to discuss or reprimand her because of her actions towards their own daughter.

7. Smoking and eating paan on school premises and staining the surrounding areas.

If any of the above behaviour occurs on school premises the school may feel it is necessary to contact the appropriate authorities and if necessary, even ban the offending adult from entering the school grounds.

Visit to the School by Parents

1. For a meeting with any member of the management team, you are required to make an appointment and state the reason for the visit.

2. If a meeting has been scheduled, collect a visitor’s pass from the Front Desk Office. For the safety of our children, all visitors/parents will need to carry their Security Identity Card.

3. Parents can meet their daughter’s teachers if they have taken a prior appointment.

4. For any emergency visit, you must report to the Inside Reception Area when visiting the school.

5. In case you are sending someone else to pick your daughter up from school, you must send your Security Identity Card.

6. You must exercise patience if you come to school unannounced.

7. Parents who are seeking an early leave for their daughter/s must take prior permission through a written application. This may be granted in the following scenarios:

  • A death in the immediate family
  • Immigration Interview

8. You are not allowed to visit the classroom.

For any concerns, you may contact the School on: 021, 34556423 or email at