Class & Section Policy

There exists in society a Class system of grouping people into sets of hierarchical social categories. The most common of these are middle class, lower class or working class.

The word Grade is used as a mark for indicating the quality of a product or student’s work.

At the PECHS Girls’ School, we decided to avoid both these terms. The different levels from 1-10, are not referred to as class or grade. We call them “Years.” We don’t use Roman numerals. So it is: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and so on. Sections A, B and C are added on, like this: Year 1A, Year 1B and so on.

The sections A, B and C are not indicative of intelligence or ability. As you know, according to age-old school traditions, students were placed in class sections A, B or C based on their level of ability. If a child is in an A section in any Year Group, it does not mean that they are high achievers. After much debate and discussion, we decided to retain section names A, B and C. But please remember, these do NOT indicate any levels of intelligence, achievement or ability.

We refer to children as pupils from Years 1 to 5. From Years 6 – 10 we call them students. Sometimes when we refer to them collectively we say children or students.

New pupils in Year 1 are assigned sections randomly. Upon finishing Year 2, they are shuffled for Year 3.

The next time they are shuffled is after they complete Year 5 and are ready for the Secondary Section. Then they remain in the sections assigned to them in Year 6 until they get to Year 8.

However, in very special cases, a student or groups of students may be assigned different sections at the start of any new academic year. This is done in consultation with the Principal.

In Years 9 and 10, students are assigned sections based on their choice of subjects.