Events & Competitions

The range of events and competitions held in school each year serve several purposes, such as, recognizing academic achievements, fostering a sense of community, showcasing students’ talents, developing physical fitness and sportsmanship, encouraging teamwork, discipline, and determination, and fostering a spirit of healthy competition, where we learn to win and lose graciously. All these events and competitions play a significant role in student’s learning, nurturing holistic development and enriching the school experience for students and staff alike.

Events: Through the year we organise several events in school. The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony, an Art Exhibition, Career Quest for Years 8 and 10,  a Carnival organised by the Student Council, Club Displays, Independence Day celebrations, our traditional Milaad, and a Year-End Party for Years 1-10 to name some of them.

Competitions: All year round there are intra-school and inter-school competitions. Various organisations also invite us to participate in competitions on many different subject areas. We are always selective about the subject matter and where we send our children. We participate in competitions organised by other schools of good-standing, credible international and national organisations and competitions organised by the education department.

The various kinds of intra-school competitions that we hold are generally between our three School Houses, Air, Sun and Water. We focus on a range of Sports and Athletics, English and Urdu Elocution, Debates and Panel Discussions, Singing and Theatre, all of which provide students with valuable opportunities to develop effective communication skills, critical thinking, public speaking, and argumentation skills, all in a structured and supportive environment, thereby preparing our students to engage thoughtfully in discussions on complex issues both within and beyond the school environment.

A few selected students represent their school for inter-school competitions on singing, debates and elocution. Different teams represent school for matches such as, basketball and throw ball. Entire Year Groups participate in Art and Essay-Writing competitions – it all depends on the invitations we receive.