Varied Learning Experiences

A Learning Experience is an interaction with another person or any kind of activity through which students acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes. The way the environment is set up also plays its part in how children learn. Learning experiences combine all kinds of learning. Traditional educational components such as, lectures and book work with contemporary educational components such as, hands-on activities, power-point presentations, games, videos and the Internet. Group size plays its part in the effectiveness of a learning experience. So, our students learn in large groups, in small groups, in pairs and individually.

A good Learning Experience should be engaging, interactive, allow the space to have conversations and debates about controversial issues and be relevant to the learner. It should allow learners to explore information, experiment with concepts and manipulatives and practice applying their knowledge. Our learning experiences are also tailored as far as possible to meet the individual learner’s needs.

In addition to the formal curriculum content that is taught in classrooms through the range of learning experiences mentioned above, we also provide an additional range of developmentally appropriate learning experiences to our students. These activities give them the opportunity to learn from peers, to learn in same-age groups and multi-age groups. These learning experiences /co-curricular activities equip students to learn in varied settings in school, in a club which is of their own interest, at home in a virtual on-line environment, in different locations when on a field trip, or for a Community Project as part of our School-House activities. Our students also get an opportunity to experience competitive activities, although our ethos is more one of collaboration.