Birthday Celebrations Years 1 – 10

Birthdays are important to every child and parent and we know that most children like to celebrate their birthday with their classmates. The PECHS Girls’ School does not either encourage or discourage parents from celebrating their child’s birthday in school. Children are welcome to celebrate their  birthday in school provided they follow the guidelines.

What you need to do:

– Ensure your daughter comes to school in uniform.

– Send sweets/toffees for your daughter to distribute to the children in her section. You can find out from the Year Group Teacher (YGT) via a dairy note or email about the number of pupils in the classroom. Older children will be able to inform you themselves.

– Get the sweets/toffees in advance and remember to send them with your daughter

When she comes to school in the morning. The birthday treats will not be collected at the gate or reception at any time during the day.

* Please note:

– Goodie Bags are not permitted no matter how inexpensive the items may be. Nothing must be given to take home.

Children are not permitted to bring cameras or cell phones even on their birthday.

What we will do to make your daughter’s birthday special:

– Birthday sashes made by our children are kept in the HM’s office. The YGT will take it from there and the birthday girl can wear it all day if she wishes  to.

– The birthday song will be sung once or twice during the day, first thing in the morning  and during break-time.

– Birthday Photographs will be taken by the YGT on her cell phone, only with the  children’s permission. These will be uploaded on Google Classroom the same day and deleted from the YGT’s phone. Three photos will be taken. One of the birthday girl alone, one group photo of all the children in the section and one of the birthday girl with her special friends.

– On the last day of the academic year in May, celebrations may be held for the children whose birthdays fall in June and July, and in November for December birthdays.