Annual Sports Day: January 31, 2022-23

Igniting the spark of championship, virtue, and sportsmanship, the Annual Sports Day 2022-23 brought with it the possibility of triumph, learning, and lowering of academic stress.

We enjoy ourselves the most when we are given the time to utilize our energy. Nothing makes us happier than to have a space where we can move around and showcase our extraordinary talents. The Annual Sports Day was an important event for all of us to prove ourselves.

Exhilarating and Ecstatic! We’re talking about the music band performance! It was an upbeat and unique performance where students of both our Primary and Secondary sections played the National Anthem of Pakistan on different instruments. Their combined efforts gave this momentous day a magnificent start. They were absolutely amazing! The melody and harmony they produced spoke for itself and about the hours of practice and teamwork. It evoked a strong feeling of pride and patriotism among the audience, who took part in it with great gusto!

The school races were of course one of the biggest aspects of the day, as fellow competitors burst forth swiftly, portraying the very elements of school spirit and strength. The programme included the teachers’ race, ancillary staff race, and parents’ race. In these races, the competitors displayed swiftness, as the elated students heartily cheered them on. No matter who won or lost, these races united us remarkably, with a commentary station that constantly kept the audience informed about the points gained by all three houses.

The elements of elegance and poise have always dominated the events of PECHS Girls’ School and the formations on the sports field are once again testimony to this fact. The students of different year groups from Years 1-10 worked together to display significant performances that left everyone awe-struck. They were truly a delight to set eyes upon, and the teachers’ hard work was reflected in how flawlessly they managed to complete it. The entire ground was filled with yellow, green, and blue colours, as the children enthusiastically waved their pompoms!

Triumph or defeat, whatever we faced, we must remember that one of the best lessons to learn is everything difficult and constructive, comes from defeat yet perseverance. So we must all know and remember, we’re all winners, when we don’t quit.

Written by our Year 8 News Writers Team:
Rania Khurram 8A, Ayesha Atif and Ifrah Tanveer 8B, Ayesha Mushtaq and Syeda Fatima Zehra 8C

National Anthem’s Recording: