UTOPIA; where your dreams come true

The Student Council 2022 -2023 and students of Year 9 and 10 organized UTOPIA, an event aimed to raise funds for a concert which we foresee happening in January 2023.
It is indeed remarkable how the students completed the preparation for their respective games/activities/ plays within a week. Bravo!
Utopia took place on Friday, December 16, 2022. There were exciting games and activities which dazzled the students of Years 1-8, like Soak the Person, Laser Maze, Haunted House,Karaoke, Mehendi and many more. Overall there were 26 games and activities.
Food stalls were also arranged to be devoured by the pupils while they enjoyed the event to the fullest.
The cooperation we received from the teachers is worth mentioning, they really helped maintain discipline. It is commendable how the Student Council along with students of Years 9 and 10 tackled even the littlest problems to ensure the event went smooth.
Being a massive event, we did encounter some problems like the food shortage at various stalls. However, this event taught us a lot and our mistakes will help us organise a much better event in future.

The event ended leaving behind unforgettable memories imprinted in our minds.