Years 4 & 5 go on a Field Trip to the TDF MagnifiScience Centre

On March 5 and 6, 2024, our Year 4 and 5 pupils went to TDF MagnifiScience Centre. Their trip was undoubtably academically beneficial and also very enjoyable.

Our pupils were fascinated by the invention of the telephone and its evolution, as they checked out all the different versions. Through a circuit, they discovered how magnetism works. They also learned about the solar system and its various planets. Their favourites were the gravity room, anti-gravity room, earthquake room and witch room. In addition, they familiarised themselves with the concept of friction through machines such as pulleys plus marble and wooden slides.

Then they moved on to learning about preserved dead animals such as, beetles, butterflies and monkeys. They even learned about fossils by digging out skeletons. In one of the rooms, our pupils saw different types of gemstones and learned about soil erosion, volcanoes and the Indus River. They also enjoyed seeing the human skeleton, pumping heart displays and the structure of a DNA. They were amazed to discover the changing blood pressures and sounds of heartbeats of several different animals.

The field trip was informative and fun for our Year 4 and 5 pupils as they got a chance to experience science in all its glory, rather than just reading about it.

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