PECHS Girls’ School Represented at APMC’s Annual Festival

On March 3, 2024, Zarya Usmani 10B was selected to perform in the All Pakistan Music Conference (APMC), Karachi’s 21st Annual Festival. Initially, we nominated Syeda Ayesha Hussain 7D along with Zarya to participate in this event. Both our students opted for performing a captivating ‘Thumri’ from the list of categories provided by APMC. Zarya prepared ‘Latt uljhi Suljha ja re Baalam’ and Ayesha chose to perform on ‘Bohot Kathin he Dagar Panghat Ki.’

The APMC judges Ayla Raza and Shai Qazi visited our school for the audition; they were impressed by both students. Zarya was short-listed to perform at the main event at the National Museum Burns Gardens.

Under the guidance of our experienced music teachers, Zarya refined her thumri. In addition to this, she made changes based on the judges’ feedback. Her outstanding performance during the event garnered appreciation from the audience, earning her a certificate of participation as recognition of her hard work and resilience.

Ayesha Auditions
Zarya Auditions
zarya main event
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