Career Quest for Year 10

Year 10 had their career guidance session on February 29, 2024. We invited several guest speakers, Afreen Mirza, Zartaj Ahmed, Sadia Shaikh, Beshbaha Khan Lodhi, Jahan Zuberi, Sehar Gul and Zainab Tahir. The purpose of the session was to inform our students about various career options, such as, Digital Media, STEAM, Structural and Civil Engineering, Clinical Psychology and Art & Design.

The session was informative and beneficial for our students as they learned the pros and cons of all the fields including salary package that one can expect. Our guest speakers shared their personal experiences, explaining the struggles they might face and the stigma attached to some fields. They shared some great tips and encouraged them to choose a field they’re passionate about.

Year 10 students left the session feeling motivated and eager. Towards the end of the session, several of our students stopped by to talk to the guest speakers and to ask a few more questions.

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