Follow-up on House Community Projects

Last year, our students were engaged in the following House Community Projects. Please look at the links below for details:

Water House Community Project: Visit to the Pediatric Ward, Civil Hospital

Sun House Community Project: Visit to Dar-ul-Sukun Old Age Home

Air House Community Project: Planting Trees

This year, it was time to follow-up on the community we were building and to impress on our students that projects like these are not one-off events. So we began planning the follow-up. Civil Hospital and Dar-ul-Sukun advised us not to visit because of a new wave of Covid and other infections. So we decided that all three Houses could go to Hill Park.

On February 20, 2024, 60 students from all three Houses went off! They checked the growth of the trees Air House had planted – 300 of the 400 saplings had survived.  This survival rate demonstrates the effectiveness of the collective effort. They also measured the trees and discovered that the shortest tree was 7 cm while the tallest tree was 170 cm! After observing the progress of the trees, we made some necessary changes. For instance, a watering schedule was decided and a cleaning session was carried out to remove debris.

Our students showed exceptional teamwork during this Community Project and were very pleased with the results. Planting trees was not only therapeutic for our students, but it also allowed them to positively impact the environment. They learnt that the surviving trees contribute to air purification, soil stability, and overall biodiversity. They also saw how the project fostered stronger bonds among neighbours and promoted a sense of community pride. It is wonderful to know that together, we’ve made a positive impact on our neighbourhood and the environment.

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