Air House Community Project: Planting Trees

Our Community Projects are the collaborative aspect of our House System. Pakistan ranks 5th among countries highly vulnerable to climate change. Reforestation is one of the solutions and Air House decided to play its part. In addition to embellishing the park, the tress will also provide a habitat for wildlife and help reduce air pollution.

The Air House Head, Ms Mona Zahid, House Coordinator Ms. Nirmala Kelash and teachers worked out the area and plan. Students and teachers of Air House donated generously to purchase saplings.

On March 15, 2023, labourers were hired to dig 400 holes. The next day, the following saplings were purchased and transported to Kidney Hill: Gulmohar tree, Neem Tree, Moringa tree, Guava tree, Java plum tree and the climber Bougainvillea. These indigenous trees don’t require a lot of water to survive.

On March 17, teachers and selected students gathered at Kidney Hill Park to plant the saplings. The event started with a brief introduction by Ms Mona who emphasized the importance of planting trees for a sustainable future. Then Ms Nirmala talked to the students about the species of plants and their effects on the environment.

Students were then divided into teams with specific areas and tasks and were guided step by step on how to plant saplings. They worked diligently, excitedly and with great enthusiasm as you can see in the photographs. As the day progressed, the area allocated to us started to transform into a green oasis. Students also cleaned up the area, removing any litter that they found. Well Done!

The event was a great success, but this is not the end of the Community Project. Different Air House groups will carry it forward, measuring growth and ensuring sustainability of the trees that they planted. We will keep you updated!