Sun House Community Project: Visit to Dar-ul-Sukun Old Age Home

Old age is a sensitive phase, especially for senior citizens living in an old age home without the
support of family and the fun and laughter children bring to the life of grandparents. With this
mission in mind, a group of 32 Sun House students accompanied by the House Head Ms Mona,
House Coordinator Ms Danish Qadri and teachers visited the Dar-ul-Sukun, Old Age Home on
March 20, 2023.
During House Meetings, members of the Sun House from Years 1-10 planned some fun
activities for the seniors. They came up with board games, quizzes, a song competition, art
work, poetry and storytelling.
When we got there, our students helped the staff serve tea and snacks to the residents of the
Home. Everyone was very friendly and welcomed us with their beautiful smiles. Then our
students played a few songs and got the seniors to sing and dance with them. They also played
ludo, hangman, tic-tac-toe, guess the object and many other games with great interest and they
thoroughly enjoyed engaging in art activities with our young pupils.
The elders shared their interests such as, reading books, singing and watching movies. They
also shared their experiences and advised our students about life and the importance of
This visit was a huge success for all concerned! The seniors and staff of the Home were happy
and full of gratitude to have hosted us. They gave us their blessings and said they will look
forward to another visit from us. And what about us? What did we get from this visit? We came
away enriched by this beautiful, loving, caring experience. We learnt that giving of ourselves by
sharing our time and love is a great gift not only to those who receive, but also for those of us
who give.