Water House Community Project: Visit to the Pediatric Ward, Civil Hospital

On March 22, 2023 ten students, the House Head, Ms Mona Zahid and House Coordinator Ms Sumaira Farhan and Water House teachers set out on a visit to Civil Hospital.

A huge amount of background work went into this project, just like the ones for the other House projects. Visits, permissions, checking out the safety aspect of the visit for our students were all done many days before the visit by our students. The plan was to read to the patients and show them the illustrations in the books which had been carefully selected. We could not organise other activities as the children in the ward were really sick. We hoped to bring a smile to their faces and help them pass a little time in a pleasant environment in the company of other children.

It was a wonderfully social, emotional and heartwarming experience for all the children as they interacted with each other. Our students spoke to the patients, read the stories and showed them the illustrations from the book and ultimately managed to bring smiles to their faces.

It was indeed a wonderful learning experience for us. Our students understood the importance of a small gesture and that this can mean a lot to others. They also learnt that giving does not always have to be tangible in terms of cash donations, toys and food, but that giving of oneself is of great value.