School Events

At PECHS Girls’ School, we organise several events each year to help us meet our curriculum goals. These events help our students learn creatively, be responsible through the practice of event management, fulfil their artistic and athletic needs and celebrate their achievements. Here, in alphabetical order, are some of the Annual/Special Events our school has organized over the years.

Annual Theatre: At PECHS Girls’ School, the creative arts are given great importance. Students put up annual plays each year, both Urdu and English, ranging from the classics to contemporary comedies. The Annual Theatre is a great display of sets, lights, music and above all our talented students.


Annual Concert:Our little champs are not far behind in the talent race. Years 1 – 3 put up a great Musical Concert where they showcase their remarkable singing and dancing skills. Events like these are a great platform for students to pursue their interests and discover their own talents.


Art Exhibition: Art is an important part of our curriculum. Students are taught various techniques and participate in projects throughout the year. The Art Exhibition is held so that the best works can be publicly viewed and appreciated.

Art Exhibition 2

Debate Day: We aspire to excellence in critical thinking and research skills, paired with excellent public speaking skills. These skills are practiced each year in the Debate Competition, which is held in both Urdu and English.


Elections: It’s never too early to teach our children about Democracy. At PECHS Girls’ School, Student Council elections are held annually, where students from Years 9 and 10 stand for elections. Candidates conduct a campaign and the council is appointed after a student body vote. Prior to this process students are taught about the roles and responsibilities of council members and about ethical campaigning and voting.


Farewell: As a parting gift, the students of Year 9 organise a farewell party for the graduating class each year. From theme ideas to the flow of the programme, in big part, this event is organized and managed by the students themselves.


Field Trips: Throughout the Academic year, our school organizes educational and recreational field trips. Educational trips include trips to museums or the Children’s Literature Festival, which are meant to broaden their minds and raise awareness. Recreational trips are organised once a year so that students can have a fun time and enjoy each other’s company outside school.

Field Trip 2

Putli Tamasha: An impressive puppet show put up by the students based on small 1-2 minute sketches. It is an incredible display of talent

Putli Tamasha

Sports Day: A balance between work and play is the key to a healthy mind. We encourage our students to be athletic and active throughout the year to channelize their boundless energy in a positive direction. The Annual Sports Day showcases the best of our students’ athletic abilities through different races and matches organised according to age and ability.

Prize Distribution: At the end of each year, our school holds a Prize Distribution function to honour our students’ achievements throughout the year. Prizes are awarded for excellence in Academics, Arts and Sports among a few other choice categories. Each year, a Chief Guest who can be a role model is selected with great care to come and speak to our students and hand out the prizes.


Founder’s Day: Founder’s Day was instituted in 2014, a year before the school reaches it’s 60 year milestone. We honour the past, reflect on the present and make plans for the future.


The World Around Us: Science, Technology and History are an important part of any curriculum. For the World Around Us fair we combine these core subjects with fun and interactive learning. Held on a grand scale involving the entire school, this fair is held based around a theme. For example, ‘Transportation’ was the theme for 2014. Students aided by teachers developed projects, presentations, games, plays and models which are put on display for students and parents. The process involves intense research, incredible hard work and equal passion from students and teachers alike.


Milad: A tradition of our school from years gone by, the Milad is organised each year with care and concentration with help from teachers from our founder’s era and alumni who participate with equal enthusiasm.

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