Oxford Big Read Competition Winners

Every year we participate in the Oxford Big Read competition. The process is that all students from every year and section write a book review and the top three book reviews are selected. Then, the top three students are assigned a number of books to read. After they have finished reading the assigned books, they write their book reviews. The respective English teacher selects the best book reviews and those are submitted for the competition.

On March 7, 2024, Paras Tariq Ali 4A, Rumaysa Usman Mayet 4A, Soha Sarfaraz 4B, Nabeeha Ali 7C, Syeda Ayesha Hussain 7D, Manahil Fatima 7D, Ruqaiya Kashif 8B, Amna Bilal 8C and Abiha Ahmed 10B, attended the 7th and 8th Oxford Big Read Prize Distribution Ceremony. Both Prize Distribution Ceremonies were held this year as the 7th had been postponed due to Covid. All of our students were shortlisted as regional participants who were at that time in years 3, 6, 7 and 9.

Amna was the National winner of Pakistan and second runner-up for the Global 7th Big Read Competition. She was awarded PKR 25,000 and a shield to acknowledge her exemplary performance. Her book review was based on Daniel Defoe’s novel, “Robinson Crusoe.” Two of our students, Syeda Ayesha and Ruqaiya, were both regional finalists; the remaining students were all regional participants. All of our students received certificates.

PECHS Girls’ School was one of the few schools that had the most participants. Literature is an important part of society and we always encourage our students to read. Their dedication to read as many books as possible during this competition was admirable. Keep up the good work, girls!  

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