Our Art Exhibition: Karachi Ka Samandar

Karachi Ka Samandar showcased artworks created by Years 1 – 7 over the last several months.  The students learnt about the Karachi coastline, and how we can do our part to protect our precious marine life. Learning how to save our oceans from pollution and excess waste or trash, our students used a combination of traditional art materials and recycled materials to create two and three-dimensional works of art.

From finger painting, quick drying clay, wax-resist painting, paper maché, wrapping, binding and stitching were some of the traditional art techniques our students learnt, to create their artworks. Every display was created with recycled materials, such as, recycled paper to discarded CDs, socks, scarves, t-shirts, bottles, sponges, pencils, toilet rolls, wires and much more! Colourful coral reefs, recycled cloth crabs and lobsters, kites turned into stingrays, scary monster fish, recycled jelly fish, and our very own fish market were some of the three-dimensional artworks created by our students.

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