Years 1 – 3 Celebrate Diversity

On May 7, 2024, the pupils of Years 1 – 3 had us totally engaged with their project-based learning about diverse cultures in Asia. Their project began in February and all the wonderful work they had done, booklets, maps, 3-D and 2-D artefacts, clay modelling, art work and much more, was exhibited in our multi-purpose room.

The performances were held in the Quad. Parents were invited to view the exhibition and then come to the Quad for the show. The event was aptly titled, Colours of Asia: Celebrating Diversity.

Our pupils were dressed in vibrant colours, representing different provinces of Pakistan and other Asian countries. Their performances included well- choreographed dances, songs, poems and short skits and acts. We enjoyed Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi and KPK music and dances. Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Persian cultures/history /Farsi poetry were also depicted through visual story-telling, music and dance performances. The musical and dance performances had several parents clapping along.

Transition time between acts had been well thought out and the audience was kept entertained by pupils asking parents to repeat tongue-twisters and solve riddles. Our music teachers taught the audience how to clap in rhythm and sing the basic notes of classical music, while the PE teacher got them to do some deep breathing and neck and shoulder exercises.

Pertinent messages about environment-friendly practices, friendship, wisdom and courage were cleverly woven into the celebrating diversity theme. This much-awaited event was educational and enjoyable, to say the least. The youngest members of our school community certainly did us proud! Well done teachers and Years 1-3!

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