Taekwondo Display & Belt Promotion

On Friday, May 3, 2024, our Primary and Secondary sections had their Taekwondo Belt Promotion during their Club Display. Like every year, our students were promoted to Yellow, Green, Blue or Black Belt, based on their performance throughout the year.

The Display started off with a warm-up in which the Taekwondo instructor revised everything our students had learned this term. Throughout their display, our students were precise in their movements, focused, attentive and in sync. It was an incredible display of strength and flexibility.

An impressive number of our students were promoted. From the Primary Section, 39 pupils were promoted to Yellow Belt and 6 pupils were promoted to Green Belt. From the Secondary Section, 22 students were promoted to Yellow Belt, 8 students were promoted to Green Belt and 1 student was promoted to Blue Belt. In total, we now have 61 students who have a Yellow Belt, 14 with a Green Belt and 1 student with a Blue Belt. Congratulations, girls!

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