School Clubs’ Display

From April 24 to May 4th, 2024, our school had its Second Term’s Club Displays of 2023-2024. The clubs ranged from our Skating Club, in which both Primary and Secondary Sections played an intense and exciting match of hockey to the Robotics Club that blew the audience away by creating their own robots and fun games using different software systems. As always, the Yoga Club provided a soothing and relaxing experience and the Music Club students played the piano, guitars and drums individually and in groups. Some of the songs they played included our School’s beloved Anthem and one of our favourites, “Dil Dil Pakistan.” The Sports Club demonstrated different fun sports such as futsal, basketball and throw-ball.

The Primary Section performed both Urdu and English plays for the Theatre Club, which also involved singing, dancing, little animals and a good moral. The Secondary Section settled on performing an English play which was simple but revolved around an important theme – women empowerment.

The Gardening Club students displayed several plants and their gardening tools. They explained the procedure of carpeting, making compost and plant infestation. They also made seed paper bags, organic fertilisers, and a kitchen garden. Clay and Pottery Club pupils recreated a ton of colourful fruits and vegetables of different shapes and sizes.  The Scrabble Club students played matches and added their own twist to Scrabble by making it theme-based and offered Jumbo Scrabble.

The Survival Club display consisted of a brief but informational skit that focused on aftercare for skin burns and treatment of glass cuts. Our students discussed what one should put in a first aid kit, how to make a shelter, how to perform CPR, how to use a fire extinguisher, how to purify water and make tea in a forest. They also spoke about money management, public service and being a good civilian.

For the STEAM Club display, our students came up with a creative way to display how certain primary colours can be mixed together to create secondary colours and how one can easily filter water. They even created a kaleidoscope display, solar panel and insect killer through the help of light and copper wires. A display was set up that easily explained the different phases of a moon. The concept of compression and air resistance was also explained through interesting handmade machinery. They also displayed hand-made 3D glasses, volcanoes, a magnetic maze, paddle boats and an optical illusion with threads.

We are extremely proud of all our students, their Club Teachers and the teachers in-charge of Clubs. The displays were enjoyable, informational and useful.

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