Year 4 Visits our Local Post Office

Writing letters is a fantastic way to improve ones writing skills and so we decided that a field trip to a post office is a good idea. Over three days in September 26th to 28th 2023, pupils of all three sections of year 4 enthusiastically visited our local post office accompanied by Ms Areesha Afridi, Ms Bisma and Sir Shakeel. It was an interesting hands-on experience for them as they were putting a newly learned skill to use. The children were so eager to post the letters they had written to their parents, friends, aunts and cousins.

The children were divided into groups and greeted warmly by the knowledgeable and friendly post office staff, one at each of the stations that had been set up for our pupils. First, they were given some information about the post office building; its old structure made the place feel like it was straight out of a history book.

The process began with buying an envelope for Rs 20. Then pupils moved to the other station where they were taught how to write the address correctly on the envelope. At the third station, they learned how to seal their envelope. The last station was the stamping station, where each letter was stamped and finally ready to be posted.

Throughout the process, our children were buzzing with excitement. They had put their best efforts into writing letters to their loved ones and just could not grasp that their letter could actually arrive at their home in just one day. This whole experience helped pupils understand and appreciate the intimacy of writing a letter.

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