Career Quest for Year 8

Our recent career guidance session on September 20, 2023 was a resounding success. It aimed to provide students with the insights needed to make informed decisions about their choice of subjects for their Board Exams.

We were fortunate to have accomplished professionals from various fields share their educational and professional journeys and experiences. The speakers included:

– Mahenaz Mahmud, an educationist dedicated to nurturing young minds and shaping their futures.

– Marvi Mazhar, a well-known architect specialising in the restoration of heritage buildings.

– Sanaya Vaccha, an intellectual property lawyer working in a reputable firm.

– Haya Fatima Iqbal an Academy and two-time Emmy winning documentary filmmaker who tells stories about social justice issues in our society.

Our speakers emphasised the importance of gaining insights into chosen fields, understanding the required skills, and the dedication and hard work required for success. The session underscored the significance of self-discovery and finding one’s purpose. It encouraged students to explore fields that genuinely interest them, highlighting the importance of aligning career choices with personal interests.

One of the most encouraging aspects of the session was the active participation of our students. They took a keen interest and asked insightful questions, demonstrating their genuine curiosity and focus on their future career paths.

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