Dental Care Day

At PECHS Girls’ School, we believe in nurturing not only the minds of our students, but also
their overall well-being. In order to promote health and hygiene, PECHS Girls’ School had an
activity for dental care and oral hygiene, arranged by the brand, Colgate, on September 19,
Certified dental professionals were available to provide quick but efficient check-ups. They
were thorough in their assessment. Students were asked about their dental oral hygiene
habits and appropriate suggestions were made and recommendations given. The interaction
between the dental professionals and students was also noteworthy. Several students felt
the activity was informative and helpful. They learned many new things which they seemed
excited to implement in their daily dental hygiene routines. Student queries were answered
and a detailed one-on-one discussion was done about brushing, flossing and the importance
of regular check-ups.
At the end of the day, students were very pleased with the Goodie Bags they received. The
Goodie Bag consisted of a toothbrush, a Colgate toothpaste and a calendar. The calendar
was a nice touch, since it not only encouraged students to keep track of their own dental
hygiene, but also of their families.

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