Megathon Competition

We participated in a Megathon Competition hosted by Reflections School, on October 04, 2023. It was a lengthy and hectic but engaging competition. There were five rounds in total. The rounds were in the following order: Readathon, Spellathon, Extreme Spellathon, followed by word games such as scrambled words and hangman. The Readathon and Spellathon rounds were based on individual skills, whereas the other rounds required a buzzer and team work.

Our students hard work, dedication and determination paid off. They had several obstacles thrown their way, yet they did not crumble under the pressure.

Yumna Wajih, Suhaima Junaid and Faarah Umna from different sections of Year 8 represented our school. Our students competed with six other schools and we came in third. Well done Year 8!

Yumna Wajih, also won an award for best individual performance. There was a tie at first, so she along with her opponent were given eight extra words till it was decided that both students will get an award for their excellent performance. We are impressed with your spelling skills Yumna!

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WhatsApp Image 2023-10-12 at 17.54.45
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