We won at the LGS Inter-school Prose & Poetry Competition

We were really excited about Years 1-3 participating in the Poetry Competition, hosted by Lahore Grammar School (LGS) on April 27, 2024. Although the judgement criteria was shared with us beforehand, the poems pupils had to present were shared after their arrival at the venue. The pupils were given a limited timeframe to prepare the short poems.

Our Urdu Poetry participants were: Eshal Naveed 1C, Anayah Waqas 1A, Husaina Mubashir 2C, Bareerah Fatima Abbasi 2C, Zainab Junaid 3A and Sara Danish 3C.

Our English Poetry participants were Anum Bilal 1B, Inaya Azam 1B, Erha Kamran 2C, Sakina Fatima 2C, Haniya Shah 3B and Anabiya Adeel 3B.

Our English Poetry Winners

Year 1: Anum Bilal 2nd position and Inaya Azam 3rd position

Year 2: Erha Kamran 1st position and Sakina Fatima 3rd position

Year 3: Anabiya Adeel 1st position and Haniya Shah 3rd position

Our Urdu Poetry Winners

Year 2: Husaina Mubashir 1st position

Year 3: Sara Danish 1st position and Zainab Junaid 2nd position

All of our school’s participants received an e-certificate, while the winners received a shield. Our pupils were praised for their performance and we are extremely proud of them. Well done, girls!

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