We Won a Robotics Competition!

On February 24, 2024, Inaya Owais 5A and Maryum Arsalan 5C participated in X-STREAM 3.0 hosted by Habib Public School. They were selected for Competition 2: Mechatronix (Robotics competition). The competition consisted of three rounds. According to the rules, the participants had to ensure that their robot could follow the track map provided without deviating from the course and then stopping automatically.

Inaya and Maryum created their robot in school. They had practiced coding in their Robotics Club and had learnt techniques and programmed their robot to navigate certain paths and stop at a destination of their choice. At the venue, our pupils were required to code on the spot. Which they did! Well Done!! We are indeed proud of you.

Our pupils had a tie with Stanmore School. Participants from both teams followed all the rules and their robots were the quickest. Inaya and Maryum, along with the Stanmore School participants, were awarded first position and received certificates.

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