Term 1 Club Presentations Years 1 – 5

Years 1 – 5 had their First Term’s Club Presentations of the year 2023-2024 on different days, starting from November 24 and ending on December 14. Those who are part of the Robotics or Music Club don’t change after a Term is over; these two clubs are for the entire Academic Year so that they are better able to hone their skills. Their presentations will take place before the summer vacation.

Our young pupils left us in awe of their Skating Display. They played basketball in skates! They also did a zigzag formation, figure skating and played scone games.

The Year 1-3 Theatre Club pupils presented a play during the morning assembly based on several different animals. During the play, they discussed characteristics, living conditions and hibernation of animals such as rabbits, bears, beavers and deer. The play ended on a heart-warming note, reminding us that our home is the best.

The Year 4-5 Theatre Club pupils presented a different play that highlighted the importance of family. The play was about a family whose elderly grandparents had become unwell and had come to live with them. The play began with the family feeling conflicted as their home was small and they were unable to make space for more people. However, they soon realised that one could make space if one wanted to specially for family.

The Sports Club display shed light on the importance of teamwork. Pupils played Futsal, Throwball and Basketball. They even demonstrated a few tricks for the audience.

STEAM Club students had a variety of displays showcasing their talent. Their display included mazes, puzzles and roller coasters. They even made water cycles, balloon cars, a Ferris-Wheel and electric circuits!

The Gardening Club display included some organic fertilizers and self-grown sunflowers, tomatoes and coriander. Their knowledge of seasonal plants was quite fascinating.

The Clay and Pottery Club presented some incredible animal, fruit, vegetable and food displays. The Animal Category included snails, fish, lizards, rabbits, turtles and butterflies. The Fruit & Vegetable Category had grapes, green beans, onions, carrots, lady-fingers, strawberries and bananas. And for food they had ice-creams pizzas and cake! In addition, they even did some clay moulding of their names and made little bowls. Their display was eye-catching with its vibrancy of colours.

The Scrabble Club demonstrated their skill by performing matches. There were two groups of four pupils. Their vocabulary showcased their command of the English Language.

The Survival Club pupils displayed their skills during the morning assembly. They presented their displays in a unique way by performing incredible plays. EY pupils explained traffic rules and signals, how to tie shoes, what one should keep in a First Aid kit and why, and what a child should do if lost. PS pupils explained and demonstrated how to make a shelter and fire out of humble equipment. They even discussed how to take care of a hand burn. All of it was quite informative.

The Club Displays ended with the Yoga Club. Their display included calming music and they showed a great amount of strength and flexibility in their different poses.

The Club Displays were truly enjoyable. Our pupils s’ hard-work and dedication to their respective clubs was very impressive.

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