STEAM Club Visits STEMbitious 2023 Exhibition

On December 15, 2023, the SMS Aga Khan School organised their Annual Science Exhibition, STEMbitious. Twenty of our STEAM Club students from Years 3 – 8 visited.

A guide accompanied our students to the various exhibition stations. There were three stations in total, including Chemistry and Biology, Technology and Engineering and Math. Each station had various displays made by students of different Year Groups.

The Math display included machinery that helped one learn timetables and LCM easily. In addition, there was also an age calculator. The Chemistry and Biology station included hair masks that helped prevent dandruff. Students had also made a Vitamin C serum! In addition, one of the displays consisted of a bracelet made of banana bread. In the Technology and Engineering Display, students had created an application to help translate the Holy Quran.

Our students were extremely fascinated with all the displays. They were stunned to see other students of their age create and present their work with such pride. This visit helped provide our students with some ideas for their own Club Displays. Our STEAM club students and teachers felt that they learned a deeper meaning of STEAM through this visit.

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