Years 9 and 10 Go to the Movies

Accompanied by their teachers, our students went on a fun-trip to watch a film on December 18, 2023. This was a much-needed break for them after all the assessments and exam-stress they had been under. They watched ‘Dhaichaal,’ a Pakistani film based on true events. It was organised specially for them during school hours at Arena Cinema, Bahria Town Tower.

Although it was a serious film, our students had a ton of fun all going together and watching this newly released 2023 film that was set in Balochistan. Dhaichaal taught our students some valuable lessons. An important theme of the film was the spirit of martyrdom and not being afraid of sacrifice. They learned the significance of being aware of their surroundings and they felt more patriotic towards Pakistan after watching it. They also realised that the importance of pursuing and not giving up on challenges. They discussed the film in great detail with their friends and teachers. Of course some of them didn’t like it as much and were critical about various aspects which is a positive trend and tells us they are thinking critically. Most of them, but not all returned with a newfound respect for Pakistani Cinema.

Watching a film without popcorn, and fries feels incomplete, so yes of course they had that too.