Field Trip to the Zoological Museum and Botanical Garden

The pupils of Year 4 had a breathtaking experience visiting the Botanical Garden at Karachi University, spread over an area of 35 acres with over 2500 species of plants. It was a unique learning experience for them, getting to see the Green House Area with an artificial rain system. It was gratifying to see that our pupils were very observant and appreciative of nature at every step. The view fired their imagination and they were full of questions, which were answered with equal enthusiasm and interest by Dr Shafqat who is in charge of the Botanical Garden.


Their learning didn’t end there; entering the university in itself was an engaging experience. They were amazed to see how extensive it was with a number of departments offering a wide range of subjects. Later we moved on to the Zoological Museum. There our pupils were shocked to see the variety of preserved mammals, insects, sea animals and birds. They kept asking, “Miss are they real?” The process of how animals are preserved for various purposes was explained to them, which gave their curious minds some satisfaction. All in all it will be a trip to remember forever.