Field Trip to Textile Factory

The pupils of Year 3 had quite a mindboggling learning experience visiting As’habi Textile Factory, which has over 10 departments starting from the designing department to the last step of finally transporting the textiles to the shops. They were amazed to observe a single item from their daily lives go through such a long procedure to reach its final shape and to see cloth being printed and dyed at the same time on the same machine.


It was really good to see our pupils involved in hands on experiences, designing their own prints and enthusiastically asking so many questions. It was important for the children’s understanding to be able to observe the process right from the designing stage to the finished product; each department had its own unique role and at each stage a new detail was added to the final product. After reaching the final stage the pupils were delighted to see the sheets packed in bags just like they get them from the shops. All in all it was a trip to remember.