10th National Child Art Competition – Discovering New Artists (DNA)

Towards the end of 2023, we participated in the annual art competition organised by DNA The Art for Change. Children’s artworks were submitted in different age categories. The topic this time was Biodiversity – Protecting and Restoring Ecosystems. Using a variety of materials our students came up with concepts and techniques that were original, unique and beautiful. You can view a few of our favorite artworks below.

The Winners have just been announced and we are thrilled!

School Winner

  • Mariam Omar 5B

Position Holders

  • Aamna Majid Farooqi 3B: 1st Position
  • Aisha Hamidani 4A: 3rd Position
  • Soha Kashif 3A: 7th Position

Students with a ‘Special Mention as Runner-up’

  • Barrirah Fahad 3A
  • Zainab Junaid 3A
  • Muntaha Khan 3B
  • Syeda Ayesha Muzaffar 3B
  • Fariah Ahmed 4B
  • Hania Faraz 5C
  • Dua Ahmed 6B
  • Haaniah Fahad 6C
  • Eeshaal Ghoori 7D
Abrish Misbah 3A(1)
Annaya Mansori 3B (1)
Huda Sami 3C (1)
Inaya Fatima 3A (1)
Nabiha Farhan 3B (1)
Daniya Khurram 3A(1)
Eshaal Junaid 3A (1)
Zainab Asif 3A (1)
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