Years 3 and 5 Field Trip to TDF Magnifi Science Centre

Pupils of Years 3 and 5 went to the TDF Magnifi Science Centre for an educational field trip with
their teachers on different days between March 14-16, 2023. It was quite an overwhelming
hands-on learning experience.
Our pupils visited two of the four floors in the Centre. They were greeted by friendly staff
members and were accompanied by a guide.
On the ground floor, they explored science in the context of the city in  Kids’ World Karachi.
They experienced grocery shopping, practiced oral and hand hygiene with different medical
equipment, assumed the role of a builder in the Construction Zone, climbed on foam pits,
monkey bars and rock climbing walls in the Sensory Zone, made decorative patterns on trucks,
and caught fish with magnetic poles.
The World Within Us on the first floor gave them an insight into the science behind the human
body, sound, light and illusion. They learnt how we receive information using our senses and
how our brain interprets it to form illusions. They were mesmerised by learning about light and
most of all visualising different colours and images. The DIY Music Show exhibit using objects
around us fascinated them and focused them on learning more about sounds.
The Physical World on the second floor took them into the science of physics, mathematics and
energy. Our pupils were really smart, using their prior knowledge and current observations while
exploring friction, especially on slides in the Forces and Motion theme. In the Mathematics
Theme, they enthusiastically challenged each other whilst solving puzzles and riddles and real-
world problems.
Overall, the field trip to the TDF Magnifi Science Centre was an enriching and enjoyable
experience for everyone. Our pupils were able to learn new concepts and reinforce prior
knowledge in a fun and interactive way. They left the venue with a newfound appreciation for
science and math. They gained valuable knowledge and memories that will last a lifetime!