Year 1 Field Trip to Paramount Book Store

Learning to deal with money is an important life skill and pupils of Year 1 recently had a hands-on
learning experience to develop this important life skill. On March 20, 2023, our Year 1 pupils went
on an instructive field trip to the Paramount Book Store.
The purpose of the trip was to teach our pupils how to make purchases, handle money and
calculate their bills. They were given a budget of a minimum of Rs. 200 to a maximum of Rs. 500.
In the bookstore, pupils were facilitated by teachers and people in the store who helped them read
the price tags on various books and then to calculate the total cost of their purchases. Our pupils
excitedly explored different genres of books, selected a few of their favourite books, calculated the
total amount, and then further shortlisted books that were within their budget. Then they looked at
their bill and finally made their purchase. What fun! They felt so empowered and confident.
It was such a wonderful learning experience where the importance of reading books and valuing
money was highlighted. With such experiences, we hope that our pupils will learn to make wiser
decisions in terms of purchasing when they are out shopping with their families.
On another note, our teachers were so involved helping pupils with prices and budgets, that they
totally forgot to take pictures!! Apologies.