Workshop on LSBE for Teachers

We live in an environment where adolescents are generally not provided with timely information regarding their own body, their health and their wellbeing. As a result, they have to deal with a host of unnecessary anxieties and fears of the unknown and also unhygienic practices. Therefore, it is imperative that they learn about these matters in a scientific manner from trusted adults.

Towards this end, we selected Aahung as a partner organisation. Aahung is a Karachi-based NGO which has been working towards improving the sexual and reproductive health and rights of men, women and children of Pakistan since 1995. In collaboration with them, we organized a three-day workshop (December 26 -28, 2023) on Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) for selected teachers from the Primary and Secondary Sections. Our Heads, Assistant Heads and School Nurse also attended the entire workshop. It was heartening to observe the willingness and active participation of our teachers, even though it was their winter break.

The three days were divided into various topics, beginning with Value Clarification & Attitudinal Transformation as an introduction. This was followed by Module 1: Psychosocial Health & Wellbeing and Child Sexual Abuse. Module 2: Violence, Gender-Based Violence and Early Child Marriages. Module 3: Puberty and the changes it brings.

We are hopeful that the LSBE training will prove beneficial in helping our teachers, parents and students to bring about a positive mindset and eliminate the existing myths and ignorance that can be harmful for young people.

Our next CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Day is on Saturday, January 13, 2024. The teachers who have received the LSBE training will transfer their learning to the remaining teachers.

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