Valuable Learning at the Maths Marvel Competition

On February 3, 2024, we participated in Maths Marvel 2024, hosted by Lahore Grammar School (LGS DHA). The competition required a team of four students from Years 9 to 11. Ifra Tanweer 9C, Rehma Mujeeb 9C, Rameen Najam 10A and Ashna Nauman 10C represented us.

Maths Marvel consisted of five rounds. In the first 4 rounds, there was no negative marking and students had to answer all the questions as a group. The first round, Isaac’s Infinity, was an hour long. Students had to answer 45 multiple choice questions. In contrast, The Skeleton Magic Square Round was very similar to Sudoku.

Another round, Cyclic Treasure Hunt, was similar to a crossword puzzle. Each team was given six cards. Each card had an answer written on the top and an unsolved question. The participants had to answer the unsolved question and arrange the answers, provided on the top, by matching them to their correct questions. Each team was given 10 minutes with each card.

In the Spatial Calculations Challenge, the participants had to find out the area and volume of several things in their venue such as windows and roof. In the last round, Logimatic Nexus Challenge, 3 out of the 4 participants were allowed to answer questions. It was a buzzer round that involved negative marking.

Students were given one minute to answer multiple choice questions orally. Only Rehma, Rameen and Ashna participated in this round. Saint Patrick’s School received first position. It was a very good experience for our students and we are proud of them. They were given certificates to acknowledge their participation. We have learnt that we have to brush up on these maths skills.